The Modern House x Farrow & Ball: a rare chance to win our moving-in box and ten litres of paint

The Modern House moving in box Faye Toogood
Malgorzata Bany designer
designer Olivia Fiddes moving-in box
Sebastian Tarek moving in boxSebastian Tarek moving in box

To mark our partnership with premium paint manufacturer Farrow & Ball, with whom we’ve made a four-part film series, ‘Living with Colour’, we’re offering you the chance to win our moving-in box, a design-led collection of bespoke objects that we only normally give to people when they buy a home from our agency, and ten litres of Farrow & Ball paint in a colour of your choosing. Entries can be made here.

Our moving-in box represents our first foray into product design and is intended to be a “luxury but utilitarian set of products that could become essential to someone’s environment,” said designer Faye Toogood, who curated and commissioned the set of objects, when we visited her for our ‘Outside the Box’ series last year.

Faye and her team contributed a white cotton apron for the box, while other objects include a plaster bowl by designer and maker Małgorzata Bany, a cordovan leather and copper keyring by shoemaker Sebastian Tarek, a London Honey Company candle, a clay cup by Olivia Fiddes and a set of correspondence cards by Valeria Armeni & Tom Watt.

In addition to one of our limited-run moving-in boxes, Farrow & Ball are also including ten litres of paint as part of the giveaway. The winner will have a choice from 132 shades of richly-pigmented premium paint, from soft neutrals to dark inky hues and light pastels, all of which is eco-friendly, cruelty-free and child-friendly. Discover more about Farrow & Ball paint here.

For your chance to win, enter here

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