What we're seeing: 'Exhibition' film by Joanna Hogg

Exhibition (15)
Directed by Joanna Hogg
Curzon Renoir

Exhibition, the latest film by British writer-director Joanna Hogg, is set in a modernist house in west London. The film is dedicated to the architect of the house, James Melvin, who designed it for himself and his wife in 1969. It has since been modernised in parts by Berlin-based practice Sauerbruch Hutton Architects.

The film revolves around two married artists, played by Liam Gillick and Viv Albertine (a former client of The Modern House!). It explores their relationship with the house, which they have lived in for the duration of their 20-year relationship, as they draw close to putting it on the market. Its spiral staircase, sliding doors and glass windows form the main set pieces of the film. Images: Curzon Cinemas