"A sumptuously packaged estate agency for some of the UK’s most remarkable homes"... Vogue Magazine meets our founder, Matt Gibberd

Matt Gibberd and Faye Toogood in British Vogue

“If you are a frequent consumer of house porn, chances are The Modern House will feature heavily in your browser history. A sumptuously packaged estate agency for some of the UK’s most remarkable homes – modernist and otherwise – its co-founder Matt Gibberd nonetheless insists that he was never tempted to purchase a property from his own website. Until, that is, he was invited to make a valuation of a box-like building in London’s Highgate.

“You’d never know it was there. Set back from the road, sandwiched between a row of smart 19th-century townhouses and hidden behind an unprepossessing garage door, the former home of the Swiss-born architect Walter Segal doesn’t show up on Google Maps.

“Built in the early ’60s by Segal, the enthusiastic father of the self-build movement, for himself and his family, the house is as compact and functional as a Swiss Army knife. There is a vast, verdant garden. At its foot sits the first “Segal method” building, which dispensed with traditional bricklaying and plastering techniques in favour of mass-produced materials assembled in their market sizes. (It took Segal two weeks to make and cost £800; he and his family lived in it while their home was being built.) One glance and Gibberd was smitten.”

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