Meet the Team: Nicola Loughton's favourite compact London flats

Wilton Way, The Modern House
Wilton Way, London E8
Osier Court, London E1
Osier Court, Osier Street, London E1
Darnley Road, London E9
Caversham Road, London NW5
Caversham Road, London NW5
Fairbairn Hall, London E13
Fairbairn Hall, Barking Road, London E13
Nicola Loughton

In our new series, we’re getting to know The Modern House’s team by asking them to choose their favourite homes from our sales roster, including houses currently on the market and those from our 12-year-old archive. Here, we’re talking to Nicola Loughton, who is Assistant to the Directors.

Nicola’s time assisting on tour for a number of recording artists before joining The Modern House makes her the go-to organiser in our busy office, and, as a Fine Art graduate, her creative flair has been relied upon more than we can say. She continues to practise as an artist in her spare time and has had her work privately commissioned and exhibited.

Nicola currently lives in a plant-filled flat near Kennington Park, describing the space as ‘definitely maximalist’. With dreams of doing an interior overhaul one day, we asked her to pick some sources of inspiration. Here are her favourite compact London flats.

Wilton Way, London E8
“This is my dream flat. I’m obsessed with the kitchen area because I love how they have integrated all the storage into the walls and there’s a little skinny cupboard that feels like an unexpected detail, which I love.

“The interiors are very much my style: I love the eyeball rug, planet-like light and herringbone floor. There’s a curtain that can divide the study from the main living space, with a pull-out mattress. It’s so clever; small but perfectly formed.”

Osier Court, Osier Street, London E1
“The flowing layout and classic 1930s proportions of each room are great; I can really see myself pottering about here.”

“The interiors are simple and homely. I could imagine having friends over for dinner, with some of them on the sofa and some chilling outside. If I could pick it up and put it in south London, I’d be all over it!”

Darnley Road, London E9
“This one makes you feel like you’re in a treehouse. I love that all you can see is leaves outside.

“I like how the kitchen looks almost like something from the Early Learning Centre, in the best possible way. Everything is so simple. It’s basically one room, with the bedroom above the kitchen. I can imagine waking up, sitting in bed and watching the leaves with the smell of coffee being made.”

Caversham Road, London NW5
“I feel like this is the quintessential London pad.

“The period features and high ceilings make the space feel really grand, and I like that in the bedroom they have introduced small windows at the top to get light in. I like unexpected small details that work on a functional level too.”

Fairbairn Hall, Barking Road, London E13
“Again, it’s about details. Here, it’s the beautiful shapes of the window, which sits half in the living space and half in the bedroom.

“The kitchen has a Japanese coffee-shop feel to it; just very minimalist and cool.”

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