Hayhurst and Co.

Hayhurst and Co. is a London-based architectural studio led by Nick Hayhurst and Jonathan Nicholls. Founded in 2004, the practice has built over 30 homes and have won numerous national and international awards including RIBA Awards in 2012, 2013, 2014, 2016 and 2017. Their Garden House was a finalist for RIBA House of the Year 2016 and their Whole House is currently on the longlist for RIBA House of the Year 2017.

Hayhurst and Co.’s work is characterised by its material and spatial playfulness and their individual homes simultaneously explore the spatial dialogue between occupant and activity. They are committed to finding inventive uses for materials and bespoke fabrications to create new architectural identities that reflect the values of the people whose homes they design and the settings in which they sit.

The Modern House Says
"A refreshingly playful approach characterises Hayhurst & Co's residential work, along with an acute sensitivity to context."